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LogMeIn, The go to program for remote access into your home or work pc is no longer free. On January 21st LogMeIn announce that it will no longer continue its free version. That means no more access to your computer for free. LogMeIn is offering a 7 day trial period now, where after 7 days it requires a pro/central version to be purchased. The LogMeIn Pro cost $99/yr for the basic plan and $249/yr for the power users plan. Where as LogMeIn Central cost $ 299/yr for the start and can support between 0-100 computers. To read up more about LogMeIn Pro Plan (click here) or the Central Plan (click here).

There are still options for free versions of remote access.


Though intended as an online meeting and collaboration tool, Join.me (another LogMeIn product, interestingly) allows for not only screen sharing, but also remote control. In other words, if you have a friend or family member who needs your help getting a printer set up or some malware removed.



Once you switch to TeamViewer, you’re not likely to mourn the loss of LogMeIn Free. The former is actually the better of the two tools, offering more features (including file transfers) and better cross-platform support.

Indeed, the service offers free apps and software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8. And you can leave one of its desktop clients running on your desktop for unattended remote access.

The process of using TeamViewer for tech support is fairly similar to that of using Join.me: The person sitting at the PC to be controlled downloads and runs a small executable, then shares a connection code with the person who’s going to do the controlling. (That person will also need to install the TeamViewer client, though.)

The only catch: TeamViewer is free for personal use only, so if you need it for any kind of business application, you’ll need a pro-level license.


Windows Remote Desktop Connection Tool

This tool is built into the Microsoft Windows operating system, and allows users to remotely take control of a computer over a network connection. It is free to use, and once the computers are connected, the desktop of main computer appears on the remote PC just like it was being accessed locally.

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