Our services in support of Information Security is an ongoing evolving process, continuously challenged by those who want to cause harm to our businesses, customers, and their environment. That’s why finding the right information security consultants to advise and guide you is crucial. BDS has supported the functions and products that provide risk reduction for Information Security for over 7 years, let us help you.

  • Data Forensics

    The amount of data in the world doubles in size nearly every two years. Businesses create and store a vast amount of information and their growing digital footprint can quickly become the setting for corruption, theft, and other white-collar crimes. When you need to investigate suspicious activity, BDS can provide a comprehensive data forensic service.

  • Consulting for Ever-Evolving Rules and Regulations

    With strategic capabilities in data forensics and information security systems and proficiency in the complex compliance laws affecting many industries, BDS provides consultative support to assist organizations in identifying and mitigating risk between associated systems compliance. As experienced members on our teams examining the mitigation and remediation for Banks, Insurance, Energy, Communications, and SMB Companies, our team provides direct expertise in the integration of compliance systems including Know Your Customer (KYC)/Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Systems, Case Management, Transaction Monitoring, and Sanctions Screening Systems.

  • BDS Compliance Technology Consulting includes:

    • Network Security Vulnerability Assessment s & Penetration Tests
    • Application-Specific Security Testing & Source Code Reviews
    • Third Party Vendor Audits
    • Executive Residence Network Survey & Security Review
    • Network Architecture Reviews
    • Advanced data analytics and risk assessments
    • Business and technology alignment requirements
    • Policy to compliance reviews with gap analysis
    • Risk identification and remediation
    • A comprehensive test and validation methodology
    • Training and Awareness implementation