Cloud Computing

Right now, your business probably deals with the costs and risks of installing and maintaining the hardware and software that is necessary to provide your business’ services. The hosted virtual desktop provides all the benefits of a sophisticated and responsive IT infrastructure, but at a fraction of the cost, as well a secure and convenient way for employees to work away from the office.

Blue Diamond Solutions Hosted Desktops are an innovative, new method for delivering desktops to end-users. A Hosted Desktop looks and acts exactly like a traditional PC, but instead of residing locally, all software and data are housed in BDS state-of-the-art data centers. From day one, you will benefit from ready to use solutions and a reduction in expense, especially as your business grows and changes. Hosted Desktops offer numerous advantages, including cost savings, security, resilience, flexibility, energy savings and reduced management.

  • Benefits of Hosted Desktop

    • Cut Costs and CapEx – Choosing Hosted Desktops means you no longer have to make capital expenditures on PC infrastructure or office applications. Instead, a subscription-per-user model ensures predictable costs and great value for your money.
    • No management or IT experience necessary – You no longer need to worry about patching or administering your desktops, application compatibility and upgrades or which vendor’s technology is most suited to your needs. We do that all for you.
    • Always have the latest and greatest technology – Being part of the BDS infrastructure means you get access to the most powerful systems and latest software available. To do this without BDS would require constant upgrades of both PCs and software amounting to extra costs and use of manpower.
    • Dynamically add resources – Select up and down resources as you need them. We utilize a cloud computing infrastructure that delivers resources to you instantly, on-demand.
    • Connect anywhere – Our networks allow you secure access and connection to your Hosted Desktop from any location you chose.
    • Reliability and uptime – Our Hosted Desktop systems guarantee 99.99% uptime with severance, multi-site failover and are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Safe and secure – Because end users no longer house their own data, nor is it tied to specific hardware, company information is now secure and cannot be lost, stolen or accidentally erased.

  • Virtual Server

    A virtual infrastructure lets you share your physical resources of multiple machines across your entire infrastructure thus reaching maximum efficiency. Virtual infrastructure is the next generation of server environment, and is designed to address the inefficiencies of the in-house server model and the limitations of dedicated servers. Installing a virtual server only benefits your company in the long run. Virtual server technology enables you to reduce the number of servers you need and consolidate capacity. By replacing or complementing your physical servers with virtual ones, you can satisfy peak scalability requirements without a costly, over-sized infrastructure. Changes to your dynamic server can be made at any time without the costs associated with moving from one server to another, and all resources are available without capital expenditure.

    Virtualization now drives efficient IT from all angles, including data center design, platform updates, and application and infrastructure modernization, as well as traditional and new delivery models, such as infrastructure utility and cloud computing. We believe that our dynamic servers are the most effective way to access additional server resources, be it to run your applications or to host web sites and databases. Because our virtual infrastructure is part of our cloud computer model, additional resources are available at the touch of a button. Each virtual server has access to the full computing power of the grid, allowing you to simply remove resources when you need them.

  • Hosted Exchange

    Microsoft Exchange is the world’s foremost business email system, enabling communication and collaboration for large and small organizations. Many businesses are missing out on the benefits of a business class email system because they simply cannot afford the managing and maintaining costs of owning a Microsoft Email Server. Blue Diamond has the solution. Exchange email is stored centrally on Blue Diamond’s managed servers, providing redundancy and fast connectivity from wherever you are. This gives users access to their email, calendar, contacts and shared files by a variety of means, including Outlook, Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) and Outlook Web Access (OWA), which are all provided for free. Enjoy the benefits of having all your emails, calendars and contacts accessible anywhere, any time on any device.

  • Benefits To Using Hosted Exchange

    • Huge cost savings: Up to 50% less and no CapEx – you pay a low monthly per user subscription fee
    • Zero management time
    • Share public folders, contacts, calendars, etc.
    • Out of the office notifications
    • 24/7 Outlook web access and support
    • Blackberry/Mobile email access
    • Automated data backup

  • Why Blue Diamond

    Buying, setting up, maintaining, managing, supporting users and backing-up Hosted Exchange and a Blackberry Server is an expensive exercise, especially if you factor in the associated management time and costs. Blue Diamond removes this headache and high costs by providing a completely outsourced solution in our world class-data centers on our high-availability hardware infrastructure.

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